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Residential Heating Installation

Residential Heating Installation

Replacing your furnace may be the most economical choice if you are still using a unit older than 15 years. By replacing it with a newer, more efficient model, you could reduce your energy bill by as much as 45%. Units today pollute less, last longer, and boost comfort more than they did years ago. Most units 20 to 30 years ago have an AFUE of 65% whereas today’s gas units are required to have an efficiency of at least 78%, although there are many units that reach 98%.

Range of Furnaces

At H&S Heating and Cooling, we offer a wide range of furnaces from top manufacturers that qualify for ENERGY STAR ratings. We are well experienced in meeting challenges of space and budget requirements and will ensure you get the most out of your heating dollar. To match your exact needs, we provide free in-home assessments. We will size your home and carefully assess all factors such as windows and the age of the home. Our highly trained, licensed, insured, and NATE-certified technicians have a long proven track record of dependability and professionalism. Our promise is to minimize intrusion as much as possible by using foot protectors, floor coverings, and the most advanced tools available for the job. With the exception of your complete comfort, you can rest assured knowing your home will be left exactly as we found it.