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Residential AC Installation

Residential AC Installation

Are you finding your energy bills are increasing each summer?  In Kansas, there is nothing quite like the relief of walking into a cool, dry home during the heat and humidity of the summer, but your old unit may be costing you more than it should.

Save Money

Older units had much lower standards in regards to efficiency than they do today. With a new, energy efficient unit, you are guaranteed to enjoy your home in a whole new way. Today, refreshing comfort and improved air quality are not only easily achievable, they’re much more affordable than most realize. With units reaching up to 98% efficiency, you’re sure to start saving money by consuming less energy, too!

H&S Heating and Cooling technicians will come to your home, evaluate your property and needs to determine which size unit would be best suitable. We will then present the most popular and proven units in the industry at the best prices that fit your home and budget. When it comes to HVAC units, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Units that are too big may struggle to achieve efficient levels of operation. Units that are too large also have unnecessary stress placed on parts due to the continuous on and off cycling. This results in more frequent repairs and reduced longevity of the unit. H&S Heating and Cooling has years of experience to ensure the unit is properly sized and installed. Give us a call today for a free in home estimate.