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Commercial HVAC Installation

Commercial HVAC Installation

In Kansas, it’s no secret that both summers and winters can be brutal. You need to rely on your HVAC system all year round to keep business running smoothly. Whether you are tired of making constant repairs, ready for a more efficient unit, or you want to explore a brand new installation, H&S Heating and Cooling is ready to help! With experience in all makes and models of commercial HVAC units, we are prepared to find you the most cost effective solution for your business’ heating and cooling needs.

Trained quality technicians

When you call H&S Heating and Cooling to explore your options for heating and cooling, our trained technicians will first evaluate your current system. Often times, upgrading to a new system will not only bring you relief from the elements outside, but also relief economically. If you find your unit is continuously struggling to keep up, your energy bills are rising, repairs are necessary on a frequent basis, or your business’ unit is outdated, it is most likely time to consider upgrading. If a new unit is needed, our technicians will carefully walk you through our selection of high quality units while ensuring your budget needs are also being met. Lastly, technicians will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to install your new unit, while operating in a fashion that least affects your business.


We understand that running a business is never-ending job; however, your building’s heating and cooling shouldn’t be an added challenge. H&S Heating and Cooling works to alleviate the hassle that is involved with running a business by helping control costs of heating and cooling, provide repairs in a timely manner, and offering preventative maintenance. You can rely on H&S Heating and Cooling to get the job done right the first time. Give us a call today!

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